American Hard Gums

Hard chewy gums in mixed flavours

Dusted Jelly Babies

Mixed flavoured sweets in the shape of babies

Giant Strawbs

Giant strawberry flavoured chews



Contains 6 fizzy fruit flavoures in a pack of 12

Fizzy Bubblegum Bottle

Sour bubblegum flavoured chews

Foam Bananas

Banana flavoured foam sweets

Fruit Salads

Raspberry and pineapple falvoured chews

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Chocolate Covered Peanuts

Peanuts covered in milk chocolate


Liquorice Wands

Soft liquorice wands with a 100’s and 1000’s tip

Dolly Mixtures

Dolly Mixtures

Top Pick!

A variety of multi-coloured fondant cubes and cylinders

Jammy Chocolate Nibbs

Milk chocolate, biscuit and jam nibb dusted in sugar powder

Jelly Spogs

Aniseed soft liquoirce coating in red and blue beads

Midget Gems

Mixed flavoured chewy firm sweets

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Spearmint Chews

Chewy sweet with intense spearmint flavour

Mint Imperials

Mint flavoured hard sugar sweet

Mixed Flavoured Fruit Tella

Lemon, Orange and Raspberry flavoured chews

Mixed Flavoured Rocks

Lemon, Orange, Lime and Raspberry flavoured fruit rock

Pint Pots

Beer flavoured chews in the shape of a pint

Porky-Pigs lollies

Porky Pigs

Strawberry flavoured chocolate in the shape of a pig face


Rhubard & Custards

Rhubard and custard hard boiled sweet.


Toffee Bon Bons

Chewy toffee sweet dusted lightly in sugar powder

Atomic Fireballs

Amotic Balls

Red hot candy balls

old english sweets, lollies gift hampers, unique gift ideas

Sweet Peanut

Peanut flavoured hard boil sweet


Blackberry & Raspberry Gums

Blackberry & Raspberry flavoured gums in a berry shape


Coconut Liquorice Rolls

Soft liqourice with a yellow or pink coconut covering


Cough Candy

Hard boiled, aniseed flavoured sweets


Kola Cubes

Kola favoured kubes lightly dusted in sugar


Liquorice Allsorts

Soft liqorice in an allsort of shapes, sizes and colours


Maoam Joystixx

Lemon, orange, cola, raspberry & strawberry flavoured chews


Walkers Dark Chocolate Toffee

Chewy toffee coated in a dark chocolate


Chewy toffee with a milk chocolate filling