Delicious Dolly Mixtures

Lollies for Pommies is the perfect place to get your English sweet fix. We have taken the best assorted sweets from the British Isles and made them available for your enjoyment right here at our online store. As everyone knows the United Kingdom is one the best places for finding some of the most sweet lollies available the world over, why not find your favourites right here at our online store?

buy dolly mixtureLollies for Pommies proudly provides Anglophiles with a sweet tooth with one of the all-time favourites out of the UK: dolly mixtures. Sweet, soft and always enjoyable, our dolly mixtures come in a tantalising variety of shapes and flavours – ready for your enjoyment.

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Dolly Mixtures for Gift Boxes

Does your loved one have a sweet tooth for the confectionary of the British Isles? Do they go absolutely bonkers at the sight of a Swizzels Drumstick? Can they simply not keep their hands out of the lolly jar? Well, if they can’t help but drool over dolly mixture our gift packages are perfect for them.

How does it work? Simply select the lollies you would like (including dolly mixtures, obviously!), pick your preferred British-themed packaging and place your order – it’s that simple! The result? The perfect British gift for a friend who goes a little overboard at the news of an upcoming royal wedding.

Have Any Questions About Our Gift Boxes?

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We love sharing the fun of British confectionary here at Lollies for Pommies and will be happy to help you with any enquiries you have regarding our products, especially those tasty little dolly mixtures.

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